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An Innovative Mechanical Engineering Company

Dynamic Design Mechanical Engineers was formed in 2020 to provide a co-ordinated and value for money service to Clients. The Company is active in a wide area of Mechanical Services working in an active environment with other like minded professionals. Our approach has a clear objective, to produce a tailored Mechanical solution to any project. We focus particularly on Mechanical engineering designs which is within the specified budget and agreed Client Specification. Using the latest methods and software tools for creating Client specific products we are able to produce efficient systems which gives our Clients a personal down to earth service. Our experience in the field puts us in a position where we can give impartial advice and fit the systems designed to provide the best possible solution for each individual Project. We have extensive knowledge of the various technologies available i.e. combustion analysis, vibrations, experimental set-up etc.

Simulation and modelling

Simulation and modelling of concept designs to detailed designs ready for implementation to a commercial level.

Experimental design

Designing robust experimental methods using accepted methodologies based on statistical methods and proven concepts.

Academic writing and blogging

Professional writing ranging from detailed explanatory blog posts to comprehensive user manuals and experimental reports.

Our Services

We provide services that cover a wide range of engineering disciplines.


Experience in developing models in Matlab which include creating standalone GUIs for easy usage.


Data analysis of engineering systems (thermodynamic & fluid-dynamics) and big data.


CAD creation of parts and assemblies for concept and detail designs.


Simulation and optimisation of heat pumps, shell & tube heat exchangers and general Rankine cycle systems.

Vibrational dynamics

Simulation and optimisation of dynamic systems.


Professional documentation of user manuals, technical reports or general blog posts.

Engineering training

Professionally catered training courses covering all engineering topics and engineering software.

We design effective engineering solutions.

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